Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WANTED: Knitting Buddy

Knitting buddy found! I am so excited...I've been knitting for 5 years now and have searched for a knitting partner, someone to discuss yarns with, favorite patterns or gift ideas to make.

My crafty sister, Amy Michelle

I found her quite by accident. It happened like this...

My sister, Amy, called me last night to ask some questions about yarn, so I had to ask, "what are you doing with it?"
"To knit on my knitting loom..." her answer.
Stunned, I asked, "You knit on a loom? Since when?"
"Don't you remember me telling you about it at Christmas?"

It was the holidays, you know, lots of family,, I did not remember. After the shock, I started to realize how wonderful, I now had a knitting buddy! And she's not only that, she's also an awesome crafter, she tole paints, scrapbooks, makes cards and sews. AND she's also a full-time nurse, happily married and has two stupendous kids. Good Lord! When is she possibly going to have time to knit? And she lives 3 hours from me, but I'm thinking with the internet and phone we'll manage just fine.

The Adams family at Miranda's wedding
Brian C, Amy, Colton, Lilley, Me, Larry, Miranda, Brian G, Jeanette (Mom Adams), Gary (Dad Adams), Tim, Kyle, Kim, Todd & Christine

I was still so excited when I woke up this morning that I had to email her some of my favorite knitting online store and websites. I can hardly wait until we can get together and work on "our" knitting!