Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedneday Wishlist -- Sexy Etsy -- Rated R

This week's wishlist is more about the model's than what they are wearing, and the artist's behind the designs...

My wish is that I would have taken better care of my younger body when I had it...for those young'uns out there, take note...

God gives you one body, treat it well.  Eat healthy, excersize, drink lots of water, don't do drugs....and do your best to grow spiritually every single day. (okay, I'm done preaching)

I created a treasury of items to celebrate a woman's body...a real  woman's body, not some anorexic supermodel.  And also to give a shout out to the ah-maz-ing designers...I think they did a truly spectacular job of creating clothing that would make the woman wearing them feel oh-so feminine!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And the W I N N E R is........

And in our giveaway...
the lovely Jordan is the W I N N E R ! ! !

Jordan, you can contact Melisa at her etsy shop, if you have any problems, contact me at

This was my first time using to find the winner, I wish I knew how to add the screen shot here, I've seen it done on other blogs, but unfortunately, it's just another one of those things I need to learn how to do....

if anyone knows how, let me know.

On a different subject, I wanted to share some big news of mine.....You've seen some of my treasuries that I've personally made...and now I have finally won a treasury challenge!!!   Wooo first win. (I gotta tell ya I was speechless and had a major case of goosebumps...for several hours)

Here it is....

Anyone can play in a treasury challenge, you don't have to be a member of any team and you don't have to have your own etsy shop....go check out our 1000 Things Alpaca Blog for all the details.

Since I won last week's challenge, I had to choose an item from my shop for the "inspiration item"....everyone who chooses to make a treasury must use the item I chose and create a treasury around that item.  I can't tell you what the item is....they will announce it on the blog at noon today!!!!

Sunday I'll choose the winner and 5 Honorable Mentions...I'll be sure to post all of that next week and I'll feature the winners and their treasuries... so be sure to check back.

Up tomorrow is Wednesday's Wishlist...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Thank YOU!!!!

I wanted to take a quick moment and send out a special "Thank You" to all the people who have decided to "follow" my blog.

I orginially started my blog just for fun and to possibly promote my Etsy Shop.  But, it has gradually morphed into a wide variety of subjects near and dear to of which is promoting other etsy shops featuring items I find and love.

I'm a big fan of showing appreciation for the gifts we are given...nothing makes the gift giver feel more special than to receive a truly sincere, heartfelt "Thank You".

So here's a few more ideas for anyone to show their own appreciation...

Thank You Wedding Sign
Signs By Diane

Thank Heaven For You
The Back Porch Shoppe

Burlap Glitter Banner

And finally, I wanted share the "Thank You" cards I made for my daughter to send out for her baby shower using the Mixbook website.
This is the front of the card....I tried to upload it with a higher dpi, but either blogger or my internet service wouldn't let me.  I hope you can see enough of the detail.  These look much, much better in person than the pics show, they are much more 3-dimensional, and all the elements and details really pop off the page.  They are also printed on heavy cardstock.

We wanted to make the "Thank You's" as if coming directly from the baby, so I inluded a pic of expectant Mommy's belly and a small pic of the shower thank you gifts.

For the back of the card, my daughter found a poem she wanted to include, it's written as though from the expected little one.   I also left enough space to the left of the poem for "Mommy" to hand write a thank you from herself.  I hope you can see the entire poem...

I hope these items will give you some great ideas if you have need for them in the future, or maybe they'll just inspire you to come up with something of your own.  I'd love to hear ways you show YOUR appreciation, I'm always looking for different ideas...:)))

Friday, June 24, 2011

Blog Favs -- DIY Home Decor To Do

Here's another series I had in mind to start....My Blog Favs, where I plan to share my favorite diy blog posts.  Projects that I plan to make or just dream about making...

First up...
She made these cheap and easy Glowing Outdoor Orbs with nothing more than old light globes you can find at thrift stores or even at Lowe's or Home Depot, then she just added mini christmas lights.   Go check out her site for full details and to browse all of her amazing projects.

Second is this...
I loveeeee Jennifer's blog...she has soooo many awesome diy projects, and super tutorials, very easy to follow.   As soon as I saw this Summer Wreath she made, I had to make one for myself.  In fact, I've already started it, I'll be sure to post pics of it when it's finished (don't expect it to look nearly as great as hers).

Her blog is in my top 5 favs, so trust me, go check her out.

Do you have any favorite blogs or diy projects you'd like to share...I'm always looking for ideas, so let me know. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Product Review -- Blueberry/Blackberry Herbal Tea


Everyone that really knows me, knows that I am addicted to Dr. Pepper.  It's what I drink all day, all the time.  It's my morning caffeine, my afternoon thirst quencher, my evening snack.   And it's very, very bad for me.  I know this, so I'm on the hunt for a substitute that is good me besides water.

I've tried all kinds of coffee, and I've tried doctoring it with sugar and creamer...nothing works...I just don't like coffee, but I sure do loveeeee the smell of coffee (so wish I could find one that I liked)

I do really love Tim Horton's Iced Cappuccino Supreme...somehow with the whipped cream and chocolate syrup, I don't think that's good for me either.

I recently found etsy seller teaman, and decided to try his Iced Tea Sampler, because I do like sweet tea in the summer.  I've never been a hot tea drinker.
Here is what comes in the sampler set...
Mango black tea 5 teabags
Peach black tea 5 teabags
Black Currant black tea 5 teabags
Apricot Splash white tea 5 teabags
Apricot/Strawberry herbal tea 5 teabags
Black Raspberry black tea 5 teabags
Blueberry black tea 5 teabags
Blueberry/Blackberry herbal tea 5 teabags
Chai black tea 5 teabags
Cherry/Orange/Almond black tea 5 teabags
Cranberry black tea 5 teabags
Lemon green tea 5 teabags
Mandarin Orange/Mango herbal tea 5 teabags
Peppermint herbal tea 5 teabags
Pomegranate/Blueberry white tea 5 teabags
Raspberry/Peach herbal tea 5 teabags
Strawberry black tea 5 teabags
Vanilla black tea 5 teabags

For a total of 90 teabags, packed in individual 5 packs.

So far I've only tried the Blueberry/Blackberry Herbal tea
and the Peach Black tea.  And let me just say, "Oh, My" to the Blueberry/Blackberry!!!  I'm in serious love with it, and I've already re-ordered.   The Peach, not so much, but maybe I just haven't found the right amount of sugar and water added.  As I said, I'm kinda new to this flavored tea thing.

teaman hand blends his teas and offers a HUGE  selection of flavors, bagged or loose.  And with well over 6,000 sales, others must agree.

Okay, now here's the part where I ask you for something... I am looking for your favorite cold beverages (good for you ones), even your favorite cold beverage recipes...I'd really love it if you'd share them with me.

Note:  This post is simply my opinion, I am not getting paid with cash or free tea!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist -- Beach Theme

In Blogland, I see a lot of postings of "favorite blog posts" or "best of the blogosphere", so while trying to drift off to sleep last night, "Wednesday Wishlist" popped into my head and I couldn't get it out. 

I've been planning to start a series, each week a different theme, of items that are in my favorites on Etsy, you may like them or you may like something else in that seller's shop, or your taste may be completely different from mine.

This week's theme is "Beaches" since I just finished my Beach Cottage Organic Cotton Lap Blanket...I soooo love it and am super-thrilled with how it turned out.

All of the following items, are ones that I would love to have if I was headed for the beach or lived near one, okay it wouldn't have to be either of those reasons... I'd just like to have them all....
3 Adirondack Chairs
Compulsive Collection

I have always loved Adirondack Chairs, they look really comfy and I'd love to have one to sit under the big maple tree in our front yard, just to sit in and read a book.

Sweet Summer Dress

How soft and breezy does this dress look???...I love little sundresses to wear around the house, to mow, to garden, work around the cool to wear in hot, humid weather.

Ladies and Gentlemen Vintage

And this Doily Rug had me at first glance....I can't imagine it looking wrong in any room.

Martha and Ash

I may have mentioned this pillow before, but in case I didn't I just had to include it here.   I have been drooling over it since I first found it, I have no idea why, it just grabbed me.  But, really all of their pillows are gorgeous


I also am lovin' these vintage fishing floats, how cool would one look hangin' out on a mantel or bookcase.


And last, but certainly not least...ha....are these cute favorite is when I see them just set on top of a piece of art, leaning against the wall.   ANDDDD...I'm in love with The Shabby Chic Cottage!!!!  I love most all of her items. 
So what are your favorite beachy finds???

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Giveaway Time!!! and Interview with etsy seller MimiandMoi4519

YaY....Giveaway Time!!!!

Etsy seller Melisa of MimiandMoi4519 was kind enough to agree to an interview and is generously giving away a pair of Square Glass and Paper Earrings in RED!!!

I initially found Melisa when she marked my etsy shop as one of her favs, and I sent her a convo thanking her (I no longer do that, as one of the people I thanked told me my "thanking" them was "spam")...Melisa and I struck up an etsy conversation, she checked out my blog...I checked out her etsy shop and fell in love with her jewelry, especially her customized photo charm brag bracelets ...  Melisa liked my amethyst mohair cowl and we decided to do a trade...

My siblings and I chose to purchase one of the customized brag bracelets for my mom this past mother's day, with each of our baby pics on one side of a charm and grown up pics on the backside...we also chose to add a few charms and our birthstones.

Here are a couple of pics of it...our mom LOVES it...

Melisa also makes necklaces, rings, brooches/pins and more, so please go check out her shop!  She is an amazing seller who offers outstanding...yes, OUTSTANDING customer service.

I recently traded her a baby blankie for a pair of these stained glass earrings in PINK and can hardly wait to get them...

So now, onto the interview with Melisa...

1. What is life like at your house? (husband, pets, children, etc)

Since I live in San Diego we have many outdoor days enjoying the sun. I'm very lucky in that way. My husband and I have two boys who are the most fabulous kids! My oldest son is in Spanish Immersion and my youngest in French Immersion. Neither my husband nor I speak the languages so we are constantly challenged with their homework. One son is in fencing and the other gymnastics, and I am an official chauffeur!  Currently we are trying to sell our home as we need a lot more space!

2. What is your morning routine?

I wake up around 5 or 6am and get my coffee! Gotta have my morning coffee, it tastes sooo good. Then I turn on the news and check email, then start working on jewelry biz. Get the boys up and off to school then I work out. I figure I won't be able to do my work very well if I don't feel good so I try to get a work out in most days, little or big.

3. What hobbies do you enjoy?

Jewelry making, hanging with my boys, kayaking, working out. Anything with my family is the best thing to do.

Melisa with her son Gabe and Basset Hound Heidi

4. How did you become a designer?

I was at a friends house who was making jewelry. Her studio was filled with a rainbow of colors, shapes, textures, etc. I absolutely loved it. I thought it would be fun to try to make some jewelry and was hooked right away. I took several classes and learned the basics, and bought lots of beading books and self taught as well. Then I decided to take a soldering class and fell in love with soldering. I'm not too surprised about that! Fourteen years ago I took an art welding class and discovered that I really enjoyed cutting, melting and sticking metals together.

5. How did you start your etsy business?

I heard about etsy from the same friend I mentioned previously and decided it was a great way to sell my jewelry.

6. How does your creative process work…(where do you find inspiration?)

I feel inspired by colors I see around me in my everyday activities. I get an idea in my head - I'm not always sure where it comes from. Could be a color I spot, or a shape I like. Then I expand on it by laying out different materials together to get an idea if I actually like the combination. I love mixing textures, colors, and materials that have high contrast. Pearls with leather and hammered metal. Crystals with nugget stones, wrapped wire and leather.
7. What one thing do you keep close to you at all times?

My glasses! I'm dead in the water without them. I just got a new prescription with bifocal and I'm soooo excited! I'll actually be able to do detailed work close up without a magnifying glass, whoohoo!
Melisa and her family family at DisneyLand

8. Since starting your etsy store, what one thing are you most proud of?

I love my photo charm bracelets. They have so much sentimental meaning for the owners as well as the one's who give the bracelet as a gift. I've met some truly wonderful, loving families this way. It's pretty special.

9. What is one thing you would do differently (in your etsy business)

Right now I need to settle on the right prices to charge. I'm starting to understand the need to charge the right price in order for me to make a living at it. The price really does reflect the labor, detail and work put into making a handmade item. This is challenging.

10. Is there anything new you have an idea for or are currently working on to add to your etsy store in the future?

Charm necklaces that are lariat style. I really love the way the charms look when they are dangling and clustered together. Very fun necklaces!

Melisa's nephew Sam and her boys Gabe and Avery

11. Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny? (why)

Bugs Bunny because of his irreverence!

12. Handmade vs Manufactured (your thoughts)

Handmade. Special, unique, and even though the price may be higher than a manufactured item the quality often times is better as is the customer service.

13. What is one piece of advice you'd give to other women who are fortunate not to have to work outside the home?

If they are like me and fortunate enough to be home with their kids I would say make sure they reframe the frustrating times to remind themselves that they only get one chance to raise their kids and it's all gone in the blink of an eye. This may sound morbid but I say to myself in frustrating times "on my death bed will this situation make that big of a difference or impact on my life?", especially when it relates to the decisions I make regarding my kids.

You can also find Melisa here...
Doesn't she sound amazing!!!   I have soooooo enjoyed "meeting" her and becoming etsy "buds"...wish I could be more like her in the "workout" department.   I tend to go in spurts...I'll get into the habit of working out for a while, then much more important things come along and there goes the habit, right out the window....

Okay, back to the giveaway....I personally hate giveaways in blogland that require me to jump through hoops just to sign up...(ie. go like so and so's facebook page, go to their shop and pick your fav item, go check out their blog and become a follower...the list goes on), I did that in my first giveaway because I thought that's what I was supposed to do...then I remembered this is MY blog and I can make my own rules, so I am NOT NOT NOT going to do that this time.

All that is required to enter this giveaway is a comment, any comment on this post.  I have even set my "comments setting" to allow anyone, even non-followers of my blog to be able to leave a comment.   But...if you read my Post yesterday, you'll know that some people are having trouble leaving comments....soooo, to help those that are having that problem, you can email me at and leave your comment...I will then copy your comment from the email and leave it in this post's comments for you. (I know it's a pain, if this is you....but I don't know any other way of doing this).

I'm also planning to use for the number generator for the first time (wish me luck)...hopefully I can figure it out.   In my last giveaway, which was also my first, I just had hubs help me draw the name out of a bowl... I know, not very professional, so that's why I'm gonna give a try.

And finally, how cool is this Crazy Mad Hatter Brooch/Pin...definitely a converstion piece!!!

Okay everyone, sign up time, you have until Monday, June 27th @ 8am eastern time.....Good Luck!!!!
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Monday, June 20, 2011

More Blogger Problems---Seriously???

I had an awesome giveaway and interview planned for today, but alas, more problems with blogger!!!!    UGH....  I've heard from a couple of followers that they are trying to leave comments, and for some reason blogger won't let them.

I've checked my settings, and I think everything is correct...I think.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I need to correct this, please email me at mybluepeacock3333@hotmail.comAny and ALL suggestions will be very welcome!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Shower Gift and Favor Guide

This will be my last baby shower posting, if you missed the other baby shower postings and would like to see they are...

Princess Baby Shower PreView
Baby Girl Shower Topiary DIY Tutorial
Baby Girl Shower Table Decor
Baby Girl Shower Invitations and Branch Centerpiece Tutorial
Baby Girl Shower Menu featuring Strawberry Truffles, Edible Butterflies and Pearls

I thought it appropriate to end the shower series with some shower gift and favor ideas.

For my daughter's shower, we had planned to make the favors, but my little sis found some online... cheaper than we could make them (as seen in the photo at the top of this post, the image below is from, where you can check out ALL their favor ideas for ALL occasions).

Egg Soap Baby Shower Favors

My sister was very impressed with how fast the favors shipped (they were delivered much sooner than the site stated) and they are always offering deals, I think she purchased them for 20% off.

They were delivered already assembled, all we had to do was remove the cellophane wrap each one was encased in.

Now on to some gift ideas...
I just happened to find these adorable baby cowboy boots from one of etsy's bns treasuries and knew I had found our little princess her first pair of cowboy boots...

The boots are made by Megan of meganesass etsy shop, I would have included the link for these particular boots, but Megan is on vacation until the 18th....she makes them in different colors as well and I debated whether or not to get them in pink/brown, but thought the cream/brown looked more like cowboy boots.  They were truly a hit at the shower when they were opened.

While browsing Etsy, I found sooooo many shower and gift ideas, I couldn't possibly list them all here, but I have made a few treasuries with some of my if you are going to be planning a shower or in need of baby gift ideas, take a look at some of finds in the following treasuries.

I have 2 AWESOME giveaways coming up within the next two weeks, so stay tuned!!!

And past treasuries...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby Girl Shower Menu featuring Strawberry Truffles, Edible Butterflies and Pearls

If you haven't been following along this past week with my other baby shower posts, you might want to check them out as well...

While looking around etsy for shower ideas, I found a few more absolutely ah-maz-ing etsy artisans.
These Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Truffles were special ordered from amays3402 etsy shop, and were placed on a tall white metal filigree stand purchased from HL.

The cupcakes were ordered from our local bakery,  and I decided on pink icing.  Then I found etsy shop sweetdejavu who makes Edible Butterflies
and Edible White Sugar Pearls
pearls. (the butterflies come in different colors, styles and sizes...and the pearls come if different colors) The following 2 photos are from the item listings, not from the baby shower.

Here is how we used them....

And though we served cupcakes for everyone, I decided to have a very small cake made for the "mommy-to-be"....I added a few of the edible butterflies to the center of the top, and pearls were placed randomly all over (I'm really regretting that we did not get a close-up pic of it, it was gorgeous).  I also scattered a few of the butterfly cut-outs that my sister made with her Cri-cut and scrapbook paper, around the edges of the plate. 
We displayed it on "mommy-to-be's" table in a vintage etched-glass cake plate that was my grandmother's.

The Menu included:
Bite-size buns, also from the local bakery filled with Pimento Cheese Spread, Smooth Chicken Salad and Chunky Chicken Salad
Vegetable Pizza
Macaroni Salad
Fruit Salad

We served a Strawberry Punch and Raspberry Ice Crystal Lite.

We found small 1" plastic babies at HL and froze each one in an ice cube, added an ice cube to each guests punch glass and whoever's baby was "born" (melted out of the ice cube) first won a prize!

We also placed glass candy dishes on each table filled with assorted nuts and handmade ButterMint Baby Booties...

If you are looking for any kind of party planning ideas...go to Etsy's website and type any word you are searching in the search bar (ie. baby, boy, girl, wedding, anniversary) and you will find so many ideas from all the etsy artisans you'll have your event planned in no time at all!!!
Linking up to these blog parties....go check out all the great ideas in blogland...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Girl Shower Invitations and Branch Centerpiece DIY Tutorial

front of invitation

I made the baby shower invitations using the online website Mixbook where you can upload your own photos and edit them, upload your own scrapbook papers and elements to design your own cards, photo books, and calendars.  You can also invite other family members to help out with the albums.   I have made photo albums to give as gifts and am currently working on getting all our family photos put into albums.

In keeping with the "Princess" theme, I titled the front of the invitation "Preparing for a Princess" and I added pics of Miranda, her belly, and an ultrasound.  The back of the invitation had all the details for the shower itself.

I have enjoyed scrapbooking in the past but have found that I prefer the unlimited artistic options by going digital.  Every single background, element and every text was put into place and edited by me.   If you've never tried it but would like to, let me warn you, it can become very addicting...
back of invitation

I've also recently found the online photo editing site Picnik and have just started playing around with it, and so far I'm in "LLLLOVVVVEEEE" with it.  I used it on the back of the invitation to "pixelate" Miranda's last name and the RSVP phone number, I'm not that great at it, but I'll only get better with practice :)

Now for the Branch Centerpiece DIY Tutorial:

The food table featuring the branch centerpiece (I wish we would have taken the pic after we cleaned off the bar in the background)

I started with dead, bare branches that had fallen in our yard out of the large maple tree that drops them every time a wind storm blows through.  I picked the ones that were the most appealing to me.  I then purchased from Michael's a couple of containers of small fabric flowers, Martha Stewart Glittering Glue & Lustre Glass MicroBeads in White Gold.

I proceeded to add the glittering glue to the center of some of the flowers, then sprinkled the microbeads onto it, shaking off the excess...
Some of the smaller flowers, I layered with hot glue.  I also found the tall pink tin can at Michael's and stuffed it with wadded up newspaper to provide support for the branches.  I arranged the branches into the newspaper then used my hot glue gun to attach the flowers randomly.

To finish it off, I added a white feather boa that was purchases at Hobby Lobby to the top of the tin pot.  We plan to place this in the nursery for decoration but I think I'm going to have to cut the size down quite a bit.   To get this to the shower, I had to remove the branches from the tin, and lay them flat in the back of my SUV (the branches were so big, I had to lay the back seats down for them to fit), then I just rearranged it back together at the shower.  It was honestly so easy to do.
I used very little of the glue and microbeads, so I'll have them for another project, so this really only cost me the price of the tin pot, the feather boa and the flowers, probably around $22.

Nate Berkus always says to use things from nature and I think this fits that bill nicely, if the branches get broken, they are very easy to replace, and cost nothing because you can reuse the flowers.

If you missed the other posts about the baby shower, go check them out...

Keep watch this week for an awesome interview and giveaway from an amazing etsy artisan!!!  I'll also be sharing the menu, some purchases from other amazing etsy artisans, and a few handmade gifts.