Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby Girl Shower Table Decor

Today is all about the baby shower table decor and how I did it....if you missed Baby Girl Shower Topiary DIY Tutorial or Princess Baby Shower PreView, go check them out.  For the most part, I made everything that I could on the cheap, purchased glass serving dishes, candy dishes, and vases from goodwill and yard sales.  I did however have a couple of splurges.

The top photo is of the the centerpiece on my daughter's table, who was of course the guest of honor (and I just had to share a couple of pics of her and her baby bump)
The fresh-cut flowers were one of my splurges.

We made up place seating tags only for her, the soon to be grandmother's,  and the soon to be great-grandmother's.  We made the tags using chocolate brown cardstock, folded in half, then pretty scrapbook papers in our color scheme, cut using lacey-edged scrapbook scissors which we then "glue-dotted" to the brown cardstock.  I picked up a brown caligraphy pen and wrote the names on these.  Sorry I don't have a close-up pic of the tags.
She chose to have her absolutely ah-maz-ing aunts, me and her sister-in-law, sit at her table... then each soon-to-be great-grandmother and her mother-in-law each had her own table and sat with their friends and family.
Miranda's table features a centerpiece of fresh cut flowers arranged in a tin box planter that we purchased at The Flower Factory in Canton, Ohio. 

I also found the adorable white Boyd's Bear teddy bear at a yard sale in perfect condition for $5, all I did to it was lysol it, febreze it and remove the bow and add ribbon in a gorgeous silk, pink and brown toile that I picked up at HL for 50% off.  I used the same ribbon on most of the stuffed animals on all the tables.

The pots on the other 4 guest tables were also purchased at the Flower Factory for only $4 each, I then added driveway gravel about 2 inches thick in the bottom of each pot, then filled with Miracle Grow potting soil. 

The plants are double impatiens (sorry I don't know the correct plant name or spelling).  I purchased a hanging basket of them at our local grocery for $7.99, it had 3 plants in it, so I only had to buy one more plant.

 The little fabric hearts hanging from the pot were purchased at JoAnn Fabrics for .99 cents each.  To raise the pots to a higher height, we took floral foam (also from HL, purchased at 50% off), covered each one in 2 layers of pink tissue paper.

The stuffed animals were purchased at the Flower Factory, again cheap. The white tablecloths are from Wal-mart, $1.50 each, they have a lacey edge and are simply paper, and the runners are a brown damask purchased at the Flower Factory for $5 each.
We made tissue poms and placed them in yard sale sherbert cups, and also placed them in tall candle holders purchased from, again, the Flower Factory.  I found the Tissue Pom Tutorial on Martha Stewart and let me just say,
I  w i l l  n e v e r  m a k e  t h e m  .......  a g a i n   ! ! !  NEVER, EVER!!!!!

 I also found tutorials on a couple different blogs, the directions were all the same and they ALL said how easy they were to make.....well we must have been doing something wrong because they were a royal pain!!!!!   The tissue paper kept tearing, it literally took us mom-in-law helped, Miranda's sister-in-law helped (thank heavens for you dear Abby)....but look how pretty they turned out!!!! (Still not worth it, I would purchase them if I had it to do over)

My sister brought her Cri-cut machine thingy with her for the weekend and used the leftover pretty scrapbook papers to make butterflies to sprinkle along the table runners.  She used two contrasting colors, and layered two together with glue-dots.  She made a couple different sizes and they ended up being such a cute, little extra detail, and didn't someone say about entertaining, "it's all in the details"???  Not sure who....
You can see in that last pic that the flower centerpiece was the one flower I had to purchase separately and is quite a bit shorter than the others.   We gave all the centerpiece planters away as prizes, except for Miranda's.  She also took home with her for the nursery, all the stuffed animals, the topiary, and the branches centerpiece from the food table (I'll post a tutorial for that later).
I also purchased some items from some great etsy sellers to decorate with, I'll share those later as well...that's it for today, I'll post more shower ideas next week :)
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Anonymous said...

$5 teddy bear... yard sales are awesome, aren't they? You can get so much good stuff, so cheap! :D

The decorations look lovely!

Honey at 2805 said...

A lovely shower and decorations!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

What a sweet shower! Your daughter is lovely. :) Congrats on the new grandbaby!

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