Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gus Update

Gus is now a little over 5 months old so I figured it was time for an update as he is growing fast (already 30#). His bladder also seems to be growing FINALLY and the house training is going really well now.
The following photos were taken about 6 weeks ago, also included are a few more lessons learned from Gus...

Lesson #11
Any food is fair game until it is actually swallowed by someone else.
Lesson #12
Take a nap whenever you can. (when not napping Gus is almost always at full throttle)
Lesson #13
Don't bark unless it's important
Lesson #14
Chasing one's tail is sometimes unavoidable
Gus is absolutely in LOVE with the gator and believes it is his job to be on it whenever the motor is running, if you try to take off without him, he comes at a dead out run and dives for the passenger seat (Lesson #15: be prepared to slam on brakes when operating heavy equipment with Gus around (he also believes he should be on the farm tractor AND the lawn mower)).
The following pics show Dutchess' new hiding (from Gus) place. It's her only defense as he won't leave her alone. I'd say she's a pretty smart cookie, of course this won't work long as fast as he's growing.

Gus has an appointment thursday for neutering, Larry assures me this will be quite traumatic for him.

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