Friday, April 15, 2011

Anddddd....the WINNER is.................

Giveaway Item Simple Sterling Love Necklace by MyBellasBeads Etsy Shop

I am so very excited to have the opportunity to announce the winner of my very first hosted Giveaway!

And it's all Thank's to Liz of MyBellasBeads Etsy Shop, I didn't even have to ask, she just offered to give something away!!! Wasn't that so nice of her?!

I've learned a lot, things to do and not to do for the next giveaway (hoping to have many more), so I'm sure they'll go smoother in the future.

And just so you know that this was all done very professionally, here's how I conducted the drawing...

-I know there are sites that will do random drawing, but I'm not set up yet to do that, this all came about rather suddenly, hopefully I'll get that set up for future giveaways

-I wrote ALL the names down, of those that entered, cut them out, folded them neatly in half, then in half again

-Put all names in a basket

-Mixed up said names

-Held said basket far above Hubby's head and asked him to draw a name (the look on his face...priceless)

-I opened the paper with equal measures of excitement and anxiety (seriously, how would it look if my own mother won?!)

-Yelped with happiness for Nikki Bond of "Bond Girl" Creations blog and BondGirlCreations26 Etsy Shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I know that I have featured Nikki's shop and her awesome cards on my blog before, but trust me, this was all completely legit with no favoritism shown (I triple checked to make sure I had all the names in the bowl) can ask my hubby!!!

Now maybe we can talk Nikki into offering a Giveaway........hmmmmmmmmmmm.


Nikki Bond said...

Wooo hooo! I'm so super excited! That is awesome news Melissa! Thank you so much and thank you to Liz! I would sooo love to do a giveaway of my own. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Nikki! Yay for you!

Jordan said...

Congrats Nikki!!! Enjoy :D
Jordan <3