Monday, April 25, 2011

Unscheduled Post

This is most definitely an unscheduled computer started to die last week, finally taking it's last breath Saturday morning.

I was able to use hubby's laptop to get a few things done, but most everything had to wait until he was able to get my new one up and running. Not an easy task with our limited internet useage allowance...everytime he'd try to install all the updates, the useage allowance would shut it down....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.(I sooooooo want dsl!)

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Needless to say, I'm bummed about not getting to post some really cute Easter finds from Etsy, and some really amazing treasuries. Oh well, next year.

But what REALLY bums me is everything that was lost on my old computer....duh, no back up....trying to find the positive out of this experience I must say that from now on I will DEFINITELY back up! Lesson learned.

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Starting Wednesday, I hope to get back to posting about the subjects that I originally had scheduled. See you then :)))