Saturday, April 30, 2011

Say Hello to Our New Little Friend...

Meet "Bailey"...our new little friend!!! Bailey is 12 weeks old and weighs 2 1/2 pounds. Her mother is a Yorkie, father unknown. I can't remember if I've mentioned before that my daughter and her husband are foster parents for our local animal shelter, they usually take care of mommy dogs that are brought into the shelter with a litter of pups that are too young to adopt out, so they go to a foster family until they are old enough.

And that's how Bailey, her sister and mommy ended up at my daughter's. I lost my little pocket pet "Emmie" a yorkie-poo, ayear and a half ago and had no plans to adopt another...I've even held out from adopting one of the many many ones my daughter has taken care of this past year. But Bailey and her sister hooked me from the minute I met them.

With Duchess and Gus, did I really need another dog??? NO, but do we ever add a dog to our families because we need them...again no,... it's because something about them just grabs us, and the fall into love begins. (I'm pretty sure my daughter knew exactly what would happen when she brought them to visit for the first time!).

Here are a few pics of Bailey doing her best to get Duchess to fall in love with her like everyone else has...

not happening yet...

nope, not yet...Duchess is just too cool to fall for these shenanigans..

Now Gus is a different story...Gus actually believes...totally convinced...that Bailey was brought home especially for HIM!!! He lovessssss her, completely, without question, total adoration.

This is one of Gus's bones that ended up under my puter desk and they were both determined to get it out, so down on my knees I went to retieve it for soon as Gus had it, around and around the room he went trying to keep Bailey from getting it, with her chasing him, full growl going to let him know she wasn't giving you can see, she finally wore him down after about 50 laps (no exaggeration) around the family room.

That bone weighs about half of what she does.

Now granted, the first couple of days we said "Easy Gus" more times than not, he was just so darn excited with "his new present" that he tended to get a little rambunctious, and he had to learn that he couldn't play with her the same as he plays with Duchess...but learn he did. He is so kind about sharing his toys, he will even bring them to her and try to get her to latch on so they can play tug of war..which is more like he tugs her around while she hangs on....he does it real slow so he doesnt' lose her.

They constantly rough house and "play" bite each other's faces, and Gus doesn't even get upset when she latches onto his lips. When it's time for her to go "potty", he looks like Tigger, bouncing straight up in the air all the way to the yard, until I set her down then off they go, he leads the way, she follows and they both do their business.

They are now our favorite form of entertainment!!!

My daughter found a new home for Bailey's mommy, but she still has her sister even though she is definitely old enough to go back to the shelter, she soooo wants to find her a good home as she's really gotten attached. I'd show you pics of her but I lost the ones I had when my puter died last weekend. Bailey's sister looks nothing like her, she's at least 2x Bailey's size, coal black, wavy hair...she kinda looks like a black Shitzu. And ohhh, is she sweet, SHE is extremely loveable (Bailey just wants to play, forget the lovin')...she will make someone an awesome new family member. If you know anyone that would be interested, email my daughter at

I've linked up this post to I'm Lovin' It Fridays...go check out her site to see her yorkie "Cullen"

Tidy Mom


Brenda said...

Bailey is adorable!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, such an adorable puppy!!! I'm glad she and Gus get along so well, it must be so cute to watch them play. :)

MyBluePeacock said...

Yes, adorable describes her pretty well, I call her "cutie-patootie" most of the time...
and fun to watch, oh yeah, I'm definitely going to get them on video and try to post that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely, a video would be awesome! :) My mom and sister have posted videos from the computer before - apparently it works, it just takes a long time to load. :)

Jordan said...

Ohmygosh!! He's soooo cute <3 Although- he looks very hyper, considering that he's a blur in every picture! ;D


freckled laundry said...

Adorable! I love reading about the adventures of Gus & Bailey. hee hee. My sister has a tea cup Yorkie named Bailey, too. Is 'tea cup' the same thing as 'pocket pet'? Never heard the one before! So sorry to read about the loss of your Emmie. Bailey looks like an entertaining addition to your fur family!

freckled laundry said...

I meant [loved reading]

MyBluePeacock said...

I knew what you meant Jami, lol...

I'm not really sure why I call her a "pocket pet"...just seems to fit, but yeah, I think "tea cup" is the correct term!

And, YES, she is very hyper, so hoping that's just the 'puppy stage' although since Gus is also hyper, they really compliment each other and have a wonderful time together, hard to tell who wears out who first...

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

She has THE Cutest little face!!! Thanks for the visit today. :)

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