Thursday, April 28, 2011

Skincare Product Review....TheHerbalRevolution Etsy Seller

(This product review is my opinion only, I am in no way affiliated with TheHerbalRevolution etsy shop, nor is this a paid advertisement)

As I've stated in past posts, I love looking for and trying out new skincare might call it an obsession (it seems I have many). Today I'm offering my opinion of a couple of products from TheHerbalRevolution etsy shop that I have personally tried. Here is a little info about the shop...

"Herbal Revolution is based in beautiful mid-coast Maine where I wild gather herbs in a sustainable way from the salty coast, vast fields and enchanting forests. I also organically raise herbs in my garden with much love and respect. I also utilize other local organically raised herbs that when needed.

Herbal Revolution products are made in small batches to ensure the integrity and quality of the herbs that are being used. Every step in the process is taken with great care and respect infusing the herbs and the products with positive intentions and love."

Better Than Botox Face Mask
TheHerbalRevolution etsy shop

This first one is great for both oily and dry skin. I have very dry skin, so I mixed 1/2 teaspoon of the powder with 1/2 teaspoon of plain yogurt and just a dollop of honey. I LOVE it, my skin felt toned, tight and squeaky clean, while the surface looks smoothhhhhhh. I will say that with my dry skin, I am using it only once every two weeks, I tried once a week and started to feel too dry, but when the weather warms up and gets more humid, I'll probably bump it back up to once a week.

I'd like to have my daughter (who has oily skin) try it and see what she thinks of it. This is definitely a product I would buy again.

Eczema Cream

This Eczema Cream is also a new fav of mine. I have one spot on my lower calf this just showed up last fall, it's red, itchy and flaky, I have no idea if it's eczema or psoriasis, but I decided to try this cream and it has definitely reduced the redness and size of my spot. The flakiness and itchiness are completely gone.

The cream has a very medicinal scent and oily feel, not something you want to slather all over your body, I apply it just to my spot 2x daily. So I would also buy it again, but this jar should last me a long, long, long......time.

So go visit Katheryn's at her etsy shop, she has many other other products in addition to these two featured here, I'll definitely have to try out some more since I like these so well. Let her know I sent you!!!!


MyBluePeacock said...

Sorry for how wonky this post looks, when I edit it, it still doesn't change...I am getting very frustrated with blogger!!!!

Anonymous said...

UGH, eczema and psoriasis! My hands used to be completely covered in eczema so that they didn't even look human, and I had psoriasis spots all over; ugh! Thankfully, after going on a Candida diet for awhile and eliminating some foods Mom and I thought might be a problem, my hands have completely cleared up and I've got hardly any psoriasis anymore. I've been testing some of the foods I took out so that I can try and figure out what my problem is... but I'm just happy to have real hands back! :)

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