Friday, April 29, 2011

What's on my hook....Beach Cottage Chic

My puter woes continue, it has taken me almost 2 hours just to upload the following 2 pics!!! I really don't think it's my new puter, so that leaves my internet service (satellite), could be the weather, have I mentioned how badly I want dsl????

So finally, here are the's a work in progress, developing into a large lap afghan and I am in loveeeeee with the colors and how it's turning out. I wanted to design a light-weight blanket that would be right at home in a beach house/cottage, and I really think I've nailed it.

I'm crocheting it using a light-weight organic cotton yarn in colors you would find on the beach; aqua, driftwood, stone and clouds. I think making large horizontal stripes is giving it a very contempory look (I'll be sure to post pics of the finished blanket when it's ready). I can already picture it layed over the arm of a wicker chair in someone's beach cottage...or over the back of a cream color plush couch in an elegant beach house. Maybe even just dropped on a chaise lounge on a deck over looking the ocean, could be a lake....

The best attributes of making it out of cotton is that it will be machine washable AND the softness that only get softer with age. Don't you just love the softness of an old, used quilt? I sure do, the more you use it and wash it, the softer it will get, but you get that softness much sooner with a yarn as opposed to fabric.

I'm using the same pattern for this one as I used on my Nature's Gradation Lap Afghan/Blanket only bigger. AND on my new one, I am using two different colors together between the solid stipes to make the transitions between the stipes a bit softer. Let me know what you think so far....also this post has been linked to a few parties...go check them out! freckled laundry

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Anonymous said...

It looks (and sounds) gorgeous! I love the ocean, so I think the beach theme is AWESOME. :) I can't wait to see photos of the finished product!

alpaca kids said...

I love the beachy colors!

Jeanette Adams said...

The puppy is adorable and so is the afghan!

Bella Michelle said...

So pretty and they are the perfect beachy colors. My grandmother crocheted all the time and I regret that I never learned, but do love snuggling under all the wonderful afgans she made.

Hope your computer woes get taken care of soon.

Popping over from Amanda's Weekend Bloggy Reading Party!

Leah said...

It's gorgeous! Now I need to go research your pattern so I can copy you and make one for myself! I love it!
Visiting from Serenity Now.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Lovely!! Yes, machine washing is a definite plus. :)

Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. Hope you'll stop by Serenity Now again soon! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the beach cottage blanket!!! Do you still have the brand of yarn used and the color names???

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