Thursday, February 10, 2011

Interview with BondGirlCreations26

I would like to introduce Nikki Bond of BondGirlCreations26
I invited Nikki to be my very first blog interview (questions and answers below), to help her customers get to know her better, and to help my followers find another great etsy shop!

In her etsy shop, Nikki offers a wide selection of truly beautiful handmade greetings cards (she also takes special requests!)...She offers a superior quality product at a very reasonable price. I personally ordered my Thank You cards from her along with a few birthday cards, and was thrilled with her craftsmanship when they arrived. I will definitely be one of her many repeat customers.

1) what is life like at your house? (husband, pets, children)
My household can be somewhat chaotic at times....I have three children ages 13, 11 and 8 who keep me on my toes and right now I’m doing it alone while my husband serves over in Afghanistan. They are older now though, so respect my “me time'” while I’m in my craft room. I do enjoy quiet afternoons during the week days while my children are at school. That definitely helps me focus on my stamping. As for pets....I have 2 loveable Boston Terriers who love to keep me company in my craft room while I create.

2) what is your morning routine?

I usually wake at 6 a.m. and get my children off to school. Afterwards, I head to the gym, then it’s home to create. (and sometimes clean) I take the weekends off from the gym and find that the mornings are my most creative time of the day for me! Once I get going, sometimes I find it’s well after lunchtime before I come up for air!

3) what hobbies do you enjoy?

I love stamping and scrapbooking (although I don’t scrapbook nearly enough) but I also really enjoy reading and bird watching.

4) How did you become a designer?

I started out scrapbooking, about 11 years ago as a way to preserve my children's photographs. About 4 years later I progressed into stamping. I was literally dragged to a Stampin’ Up! workshop, thinking it was a huge waste of time, and ended up loving it! Embossing got me hooked and now I rarely create a card without some sort of embossing incorporated into it.

5) How did you become involved with Etsy?

I first started selling my cards, with a lot of persuasion from my husband, at a little consignment shop in Ft Benning GA. I was so surprised when they did so well. I had a hard time keeping them in stock sometimes! When we moved to Ft Campbell, KY I soon discovered that there was no such shop here so I decided to start up an Etsy shop and hope for the best! It’s been a slow start but business does seem to be picking up for me.

6) How does your creative process work...(where do you find inspiration)

I find inspiration from many different things. I absolutely love sketches (patterns to follow to make cards and scrapbook pages)....they really make a card go together quickly and I tend to use a lot of them. Thank goodness for all the fabulous blogs out there that always have some sort of sketch challenge going on. I also use designer paper as a starting point. Sometimes I find inspirations from pictures in magazines or even clothing patterns. I love it when someone has a special request, and describes what they want....I really can get creative with just an idea.

7) What one thing do you keep close to you at all times?

If I’m out and about, hands down that would be my cell phone. If I’m at my craft desk, then definitely my laptop, craft ink and embossing powder. Those are a must!

8) Since starting your Etsy store, what one thing are you most proud of? would have to be my return customers. I love knowing that they were satisfied enough with their purchases that they are coming back for more!

9) What is one thing you would do differently (in your Etsy business)

I’m not sure if it’s is something I would do differently....but I’d love to take more special request! I love to build off of other’s ideas and create something truly unique to the individual.

10)Is there anything new you have an idea for or are currently working on that you are planning to add to your store in the future?

I have recently done a few scrapbooks that I was so happy to post but I’m also thinking of creating single 12x12 pages in the future. I would also love to create more 3-D projects with intentions of being great for gifts or party favors.

11) Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny? (why)

Hands down Bugs Bunny. I have such fond memories of watching Bugs Bunny growing up with my father. The cartoon always made him laugh and I love to hear my Dad laugh. Besides...who wouldn’t love a smart alecky bunny who always gets his way?!

12) Handmade vs Manufactured? (your thoughts)

This one is a tough one....I love handmade when it comes to cards, albums, blankets, gifts (especially from my children) ....but there are some manufactured items that make my life easier. For instance...embellishments, designer paper ect....

13) what is one piece of advice you would give to women who are fortunate not to have to work outside the home?

Confidence is a must...I’m still trying to sap into mine sometimes....and definitely try to limit your distractions! The computer can be a big distraction for me and a real time zapper! Overall though, just enjoy yourself. If you don’t love what your doing, then what is the point?

I do know that before I started selling my cards, I used to say (when people asked what I did)....most proudly, and trying to portray confidence...I’m a domestic engineer....LOL I always stressed how important it was for me to be home for the kids so they grow up to be responsible adults....and I do really feel that way. I also have the utmost respect for working Moms so I stress this is just my opinion and I’m so lucky that I was able to stay home.

Seriously, is she adorable or what?! Wouldn't you just love to be her friend!!!!

Be sure to browse around her shop (I promise you'll love it)

and check out her blog as well (she's won tons of blogging awards)

Then, come on back here and let everyone know what you think of her cards!


Carrluv said...

I was lucky enough to attend a coffee (luncheon) with Nikki and it was great. She really knows her way around the craft world! I've only been doing this for @ a year and one session with her really inspired me. Thank you for the interview!

Katherine said...

Loved reading this interview & glad to find a new craft blog. I've only known Nikki thru her blog & demo group emails, but always amazed at her creations. I'm also just starting to re-learn to crochet so will ck out your knit creations too. TFS! Great idea to have this "featured interview!"

MyBluePeacock said...

So happy to "meet" you both! Thank you for visiting my blog and reading Nikki's interview. I am planning to do more interviews of some amazing etsy artisans in the future...I love sharing my special finds.

GCgirl said...

So glad that you "found" Nikki! She is a real gem and very talented too! :0)

MyBluePeacock said...

Thanks for stopping by GCgirl