Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

I just received my very first Blog Award!!!! YAY! You can't see me, but right now I am bouncing in my chair....
Nikki of Bond Girl Creations nominated my blog for the award. (Thank you Nikki)

The Liebster Blog award is given to bring new blogs to light. It's a great way to share blogs that might not otherwise be seen or ones you want to share with others.

I am so honored that you thought of me Nikki and I am truly enjoying our new online friendship.

As a recipient of this award I must share the love and pay it forward by:
1-Creating a post where you blog about the Liebster award & reveal your 3-5 blog picks
2-Let them know you chose them
3-Copy & paste the blog award on your blog
4-Have faith that your followers will rally & show their crafty love back out to those you awarded
5-Have fun!

This is a HUGE, STUPENDOUS, GARGANTUAN honor for me and I hope you will check out the blogs that I've nominated and personally love to browse everyday.

There are so many truly awesome blogs out there, that it was really difficult for me to choose which ones to recommend...but here they are:

1) Jennifer at Keswick and Country has beautiful photography of inspirational decorating ideas (she's awful pretty herself), and she offers a few tutorials (I always love those). Truly magazine worthy.

2) I found Dreamy Whites while watching The Nate Show...she lives on a horse ranch, has 5 kids AND WHITE SLIPCOVERS!!! She was sharing her tips about how to live with white furniture. I PROMISE you'll love her blog.

3) Thrifty Decor Chick has so many diy (do-it-yourself) projects on her blog, that I have yet to view them all, but have really learned a lot from her.

4) I loveeeeeeeee Rosemary at The Summer Porch her blog is all about what she does with herbs from herbal soaps and teas to decorating with herbs.

To be honest, ALL these blogs have gorgeous photography and they are worth looking at just for the pics, but I have no doubt you'll find more than you could have imagined if you just take a moment and go browse!!! Then be sure and come back to let me know what you think of them...


Nikki Bond said...

Congrats...you deserve it! Love your blog pics...gorgeous! {sMILES}

Nikki Bond said...

I meant blog PICKS! LOL

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Thank you so much Melissa! So sweet of you. :)

MyBluePeacock said...

Thanks Nikki...I knew what you meant!

Sarah, you are very welcome...but I should actually be thanking you for such an educational blog :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Melissa~ I'm very honored to be one of your choices.

MyBluePeacock said...

You are welcom Rosemary...your blog is so "peaceful", I really enjoy it.