Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Etsy Treasury Picks

I have finally ventured into Treasury Land at Etsy. That is to say that I've finally made my own. I've often browsed the treasuries, I find that looking at them is like browsing through a high-end catalogue. The displays the treaury curators create are, more times than not, simply stunning.
For some reason, I had it in my head that it would be difficult to make up my own, but...nope, easy-peasy. It was so easy and in fact, extremely fun, that I made a second one! I really wanted to post them both in this blog posting but, not gonna happen today...for some reason it's not working. I did however, get them posted on the right side-bar, so you can just click on them or click on
And since Miranda is now expecting her first baby, and that happens to be on my mind, alot....I think it's only natural that I would pick baby items and be thinking in nursery rhymes.
My own items have made it into 61 different treasuries, wooohooo, and I started posting them along the right sidebar, but so many of them was really bogging down my blog when opening the page, so I've ended up posting them all when they first come out, but only keeping my favorites. I felt it only fair for me to start "giving back" to other etsy artisans by featuring their items in my very own treasuries!
So, if you haven't checked out treasuries yet, you are really missing out, I've found some really great, high quality, gifts just by looking through the treasuries...(see, not only entertaining, but serves a great purpose as well).


MyBluePeacock said...

Well, I guess one of the treauries made it into this posting...

Jeanette Adams said...

I checked out your treasures and they were all beautiful!