Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Superbowl Ads

Ahhhh, the Superbowl! I will not profess to being a super football fan, but I am a fan none the less. I don't have a favorite team and haven't had since the Houston Oilers moved, changed their name, whatever, so I always tend to rout for the whoever happens to be the underdog at the time....
but what I really love about football season are Sunday afternoons, just the sound of it on the television makes me happy. I usually knit, crochet and yes, even nap to the sounds of the crowd and announcers (LOOOOVVVVE it) I say in a singsong voice.

And there is nothing I like better about football than a close game where both teams are really dukin' it out, back and forth, one is up, one is down, so the playoffs are definitely among my favorite things. Along with the anticipation of the Superbowl TV ads....what are they gonna think of this year to entertain us.

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I HATE television commercials, that's why we have a DVR, so I can tape whatever I plan to watch, and watch it later while zipping right through the commercials at super-duper high speed. I will not watch live TV, that's how much I hate them. For the most part I think they are just plain stupid and it never ceases to amaze me that people actually get paid to come up with that stuff!

This does not apply to the superbowl ads...why can't they make them like that the rest of the year?! I don't necessarily like all of them, but I do enjoy watching them and deciding which ones I like best. So here's a few of my favs...

the e*trade babies are always cute so I had to include a pic, but the commercial was just plain boring to me.

I really loved the chevy truck commercial in which the truck is "Lassie"

And I'm sorry, but I thought Joan Rivers was hysterical in the GoDaddy spot (why do I feel the need to apologize for that?)

All of the VW commercials had my attention but the top spot HAS to go the "tiny Darth Vader"...tooo cute!!! This one has my vote for the "BEST of SUPERBOWL 45"

Bridgestone Tires and the Beaver "pay it forward", great message right along with an entertaining ad

Was really entertained by the Chevy Camaro "Mom"

Go to this site to see all the commercials if you missed any


But I gotta tell ya, that I am a HUGE, MEGA, action movie fan, so I am REALLY looking forward to all the great movies advertised as coming out this year, so many that at least look to be great. The one I'm looking the most forward to has got to be Cowboys and Aliens featuring Harrison Ford....really LOVE Harrison Ford and have sooo been hoping to see him in more "Indiana Jones" type action movies...this one might not be "Indy", but it looks similar, so yeah, I can hardly wait!

If you missed any of the trailers, check out this site..


So are you a fan, did you watch this year, and what were your favs?

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