Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Things A Comin'

This is my newest creation! I've made my own patterns in knitting and crochet, but usually pretty basic stitches. This was my first time just adding and changing as I went, so I was practically jumping up and down as I was finishing turned waaaayyyyy better than I had imagined. I'm learning that the creative process works two ways for me...

1) like pushing a boulder uphill...the ideas don't flow very well, and every one that I come up with just does not work and I end up ripping out lots of started projects.


2) rolling down a mountain...the ideas bombard me continueously, coming one right after the other, and they won't leave me alone until I write them down or start a project with one.

As you can imagine, I prefer #2. The Romantic Cowl started as #1 that turned into #2, (for some reason these numbers have reminded to get rid of some of my morning dr. pepper)

About the cowl: It's made of a fluffy, super duper soft alpaca blend yarn, very chunky, in the softest pastel true pink...I started with rows of chains, then just started attaching them willy-nilly until I saw the design starting to form, then I just went with it. Just when I thought I was finished, I realized, it needed something else, so I started adding the fringe which is a combination of the same yarn and creamy white merino wool strands....still needs something...ah, a flower (I plan to do more flowers!)....okay, it's almost there, but still needs something....(snapping fingers) a BUTTON! I started digging through my grandmother's button tin that I had just recently borrowed from my mom, and wouldn't you know it, a PERFECT button. Creamy white, with touches of silver and a rhinestone in the center. The size was just PERFECT.

Oh, I'll definitely be making more, but as the pattern is in my head, no two will ever be the same, the ideas are already churning in my head, they are... light-weight in spring colors, with spring flowers attached or maybe a shawl instead...we'll see what comes.

Another thing I'm really excited about is the new series I'm planning to start soon...I'll be interviewing and spotlighting my absolute FAVORITE etsy sellers and their shops. The best things about buying handmade items are the high quality AND supporting our neighbors! So I thought it would help to get to know more about them.

BondGirlCreations26 etsy shop

I ordered my shop Thank You cards from Nikki at BondGirlCreations26 and the quality is simply the best I've ever seen in greeting cards, not to mention, her prices are cheaper than what I would spend at Wal-Mart, so not only did I order the thank you's, I also purchased a few birthday cards for gifts. I loved everything and Nikki was the first person I approached about interviewing, I really think you are going to want to get to know her!
sage and mage etsy shop

After reading the feedback from sage and mage etsy shop, I contacted Gennifer (shop owner) about some problem spots I've developed with my skin this winter (periomenopause?) who knows, anywho, she is mixing up something specifically for what I'm dealing with and just from what I've read in her feedback, I really think I'm going to like it....I'll keep you posted.

Still not sure whether this will be a weekly posting or bi-weekly, or just when I find someone special to feature...we'll just have to see. One thing I do know, I will only feature artists that I PERSONALLY have purchased from or tried their items and have a deep appreciation for what they are creating!


Sage and Mage said...

I hear you about the creative process! At the moment it's #2 for me, but there are't enough hours in the day for everything! I love your cowl - it's delish!


MyBluePeacock said...

Thanks so much Genn!

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